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Όροι και Προϋποθέσεις

The use of our website and the realisation of purchases through it shall be governed by these terms and conditions, as these applicable on each occasion, at every point in time. These terms constitute the contract that is concluded between our company and you, our customers. Upon completing the new user registration form and its implementation, you unconditionally accept that you are aware of the terms and conditions relating to the conclusion of transactions with our company, and also that these are subject to and governed by the terms and conditions that are communicated to you solely on the website, as these are applicable at the time when the contract is concluded between us.

The company reserves the right to amend at its absolute discretion the terms of use and any other rules that govern the use of the on-line store’s website. The terms and conditions may change without prior notification; it is consequently recommended that our users - customers check these, in order to be informed about their content. Every use of the website following such changes or amendments shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of such changes, amendments, additions or deletions. The terms and conditions may not be amended or altered without the company’s written consent. The applicable terms and conditions are those that are in force at the time when you use our website or place your order, which have been drafted and are interpreted in accordance with the applicable national legal order and accordingly any whatsoever dispute that arises in relation to their interpretation shall be regulated by the Greek legislation. In the event where these terms of use are breached, your company may seek compensation for any of its liquidated or non-liquidated damages. The non-exercising of its rights stemming under these terms shall not entail a waiver of its rights.

In order that you may conclude a contract with our company, you must be an adult; you must have namely reached the age of eighteen years, in accordance with the applicable law. Through your acceptance of the applicable terms and conditions and registration as a user, you are simultaneously declaring that you are competent of transacting with our company and you are at least 18 years old.  In the event where your person does not concur with the hereinabove age qualification, we urge you to not transact with us, in order to avoid legal disputes, alternatively the rights provided to our business by the law shall apply, without prejudice to all its right to judicially institute proceedings against those persons vested with the custody and supervision of minors, for falsely appearing as adults and transacting with the company.

The browsing of our website and searching for products may be carried out by any whatsoever interested person, without requiring the prior disclosure of personal information. The simple browsing of our website and searching for any of the products and goods displayed thereon does not necessarily entail their purchase. A user may be every visitor of our website. Purchases of goods and products that are displayed on our website may only be concluded where you become a user. Your registration on our website as a user shall not imply any whatsoever charges or commitment by you. The process for registering as a new user is on our home page, where you complete the relevant form in the relevant field, by honestly and voluntarily submitting the information - data requested by us. The honest submission of the data that is requested by our company is exclusively and only intended for the processing of orders, for your best service and is safeguarded by us.  The information that is provided by users shall be used by our company, in order that our customers may have contact with our on-line store, for providing answers to any of their questions, so that their order may be immediately and efficiently executed.  You must not use the forms for placing orders, without serious intent or present false information that belongs to other users or use a false e-mail or usurp the information of any whatsoever other person, who may or may not be registered user of this website or an employee of our business, and you may generally not use the website for any unlawful or illegal or unconventional purpose, alternatively rights by our company shall be generated against you under the law.

The price, available quantity and essential characteristics are presented on the website for all the products and goods displayed.  The prices for the products and goods displayed on our website for the entire period shall include VAT - where these products and goods are subject thereto. The dispatch costs are not included in the listed price, which are however presented in a special section and analysed in the order form prior to its completion.

The user of our website may complete the purchases of products and goods that are displayed thereon with a simple process.  After selecting a product, fill in the relevant hereinabove information, select the payment method and then complete the order by sending it to our company. During the completion of the order form you shall be asked for your given name & surname, address, post code, email address, mobile and / or landline phone number, the order payment method, the dispatch - delivery method, and the necessary legal tax information, where an invoice is required. Through the completion of the relevant form you provide your explicit consent in order that you may become a customer of our company and to execute your order.  Our company may file the orders made and their progress until their execution, in order to upgrade its services and to check whether any new order by a customer / user is sincere and / or serious. Our company does not provide the data of its customers / users to any other natural or legal person (under private or public jurisdiction). Information may only be disclosed in the cases where it is required by law, Court decision, Public Prosecutor's order or in order to safeguard its rights that have arisen from the order made and executed by it or in order to safeguard the protection of the users’ personal safety in case of emergency. Prior to completing the purchase, it is recommended that the user cross-checks and confirms the purchase of the desired products, in order to check for any incorrect choices or unwanted additional choices, through the existence of a shopping basket. Where it is deemed necessary, the company may request additional information for the execution of the order made. In view of the order placed by the user, where it is deemed expedient, the company may use the information provided for identifying the customer and confirm via telephone and within a reasonable period of time, by any appropriate means (via phone or e-mail) that the order is sincere and has been placed with serious intention by the user, for identifying any errors therein.

From the moment when you complete and dispatch your order, its delivery and execution may take up to 1-2 days, depending upon the volume of products for delivery and the transport service’s availability, and the distance of the products’ delivery location in relation to our company’s headquarters.

You may check the status of your order via telephone contact with our company. In the event of stock shortages, we shall contact you within 1 business day by either phone or e-mail, and offer you another similar product of the same quality or agree with you upon extending the order’s execution until we procure the ordered product or shall partially or fully cancel the order, following electronic and telephone confirmation, by refunding any money you may have paid.

The company shall not be liable for any delays caused in the valid transport - delivery of the products by its associated transport companies. It shall be considered and agreed that these events do not to fall within the scope of its control and sphere of influence. It shall not be responsible for the delay in delivering the products, which shall be due to the fault of its associated transport companies or to force majeure or fortuitous events. In the latter case it is agreed that it shall be entitled to an extension of the time for executing the order. Delays caused by internal or external strikes, wars, terrorist actions, mechanical failures and natural disasters are indicatively mentioned. Our company acts and shall act in the proper direction for eliminating any whatsoever problems within a reasonable period of time, in order to execute the order, where this does not entail an additional burden for our customer and the company. Contracts that have been concluded may be terminated without compensation, where the execution is hindered for a period of more than one month.

The company accepts payments via cash on delivery, bank transfer (into our National Bank of Greece account), credit cards or cash at its headquarters. All credit cards are accepted for use and payment at our headquarters. Visa, MasterCard and Electron Visa cards are accepted for payment through the e-shop. In the case of a bank transfer, the execution of the orders shall take place after confirming the deposit of the consideration into our company’s given accounts. In the case of cash on delivery, the orders shall be executed via payment to the employee of our associated courier company. The dispatch of the order shall also include the relevant invoice dispatch document.

In accordance with the applicable law, our company’s customer has the right to unjustifiably withdraw within fourteen (14) calendar days, by returning the goods in their original condition, without being charged for any whatsoever expenses, except for the return costs. The time limit for exercising this right commences with their receipt. Returns of orders shall only be accepted where the products you desire to return are in the same condition they were received, they have namely not been unsealed or used and are accompanied by the retail sales receipt or invoice. Where you exercise the hereinabove right of withdrawal (by completing the relevant form here, notifying the relevant event to our company and dispatching the order to our address at your expense, where the legal conditions for exercising this right have been fulfilled), our company shall refund the purchase price amount - consideration. In the cases where the consideration price is fully or partially covered by a credit, which has been granted to our customers by either our company or by a third party, by virtue of an agreement concluded between the third party and our company, then where the right of withdrawal is exercised, it may be terminated under the provisions of the Civil Code and the credit agreement without payment of compensation. In the event where your order is cancelled for non-significant reasons, following its dispatch from our headquarters and prior to its delivery to you, any money paid by you shall be refunded, which shall however not include the dispatch costs. In the cases where your order is returned to the company, due to non-receipt or declaration of incorrect information, we shall reimburse the purchase consideration already paid, but not the delivery costs. Where the product is destroyed during transportation, please inform our company immediately and if possible send us photos.

The company shall make every possible effort so that your personal information (address, credit card number, account number, etc.) is not violated or read by unauthorised persons. Despite this, it does not guarantee that this is possible in every case. We guarantee that the company does not have access to your banking data; we do not store information related to your Bank or your credit card. Please enter the details regarding your payment for every order you place.

Our company is not liable for any damages caused to your computer equipment by viruses, worms, spyware or similar programs, during the connection to our website. Please ensure that you have anti-virus and firewall software and that your other computer protection software is up to date. Our company is not liable for any damages or losses (direct or indirect) sustained by our customer or user, whose credit card is illegally used or is used in an unauthorised manner.

The entire content of our website, inclusive of texts, drawings, graphics, interconnecting devices or codes and all agreements relating thereto (excluding third party copyrights and trademarks) are the company’s copyright and must not be copied, used, published and disseminated in any whatsoever manner by any person, without our company’s prior written permission. It is not permitted to create and / or publish a database that contains sections of our website, without our company’s explicit prior consent.

In every difference relating to the execution, implementation or interpretation hereof and the transactions in general that are concluded by virtue of these terms between the users / customers and our company, the Greek legislation is designated as the applicable law. The jurisdiction for the resolution of the hereinabove differences is vested in the Greek Courts.


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